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Minting is now live!!

{{getSalePhase()}} has started! You can still save {{minMintForUser()}} {{minMintForUser() === 1 ? "Bee" : "Bees"}}.
You transaction completed successfully.
You can still save {{minMintForUser()}} {{minMintForUser() === 1 ? "Bee" : "Bees"}}. You cannot save anymore Bees. Click here to view your Honey Bees on Open Sea.
Private sale starts today at 8PM GST


The Lore

In the year 2043 the last bee colony in the universe was brought in front of humans and other beings by the Legendary Bees. The Legendary Bees seek help from humans to provide home and shelter for the bees of the last bee colony while they formulate and execute a plan to save their species from extinction. How they intend to do that remains to be seen...